Wrigley Sanders

Wrigley Sanders

Born in the Bleachers

By Mark Scarpaci

"It’s Cubs’ baseball. Anything can happen."

So goes the magical journey of Wrigley Sanders, born in the bleachers of Wrigley Field and taught by his grandpa to throw with both arms. Wrigley grows up legally blind and partially deaf but determined to chase his dream of pitching for the Chicago Cubs. On his ninth birthday life throws Wrigley a nasty curve. Ultimately, his loss provides a unique gift that forever changes his path.

Filled with a colorful cast of characters, this positive coming of age tale about a one-of-a-kind hero will inspire readers of all ages.

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Reader Testimonials

"A fun read. Just what we need today!"
— Ron R.
"Mark Scarpaci weaves a fast-paced tale from the literal moment of Wrigley’s birth. Filled with unforgettable characters, this heartwarming story will have you at the edge of the bleachers from start to finish."
— Ben M.
"I read your book last week while on vacation and loved it, even though I’m not a huge Cubs fan. The story was very inspirational and a real page-turner. The cast of characters was colorful and fun to read about."
— Kathy M.

Mark Scarpaci Portrait

Mark Scarpaci, Author

Mark lives in Ashland, Oregon and has been a rabid Cub’s fan for nearly three decades. A Little League coach and board member for many years, he values the importance of sports in a child’s life. Mark has been writing professionally for over 35 years, including TV scripts for PBS, Disney Educational, Bill Nye the Science Guy and Keith Urban.

Wrigley Sanders is Mark’s second published novel and a true labor of love. It combines his passion for the Chicago Cubs with his desire to deliver an inspirational, positive coming of age tale that inspires readers of all ages.

Contact Mark at markscarpaci@gmail.com

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